LEE 0.3 Neutral Density Soft Grad

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2 reviews for LEE 0.3 Neutral Density Soft Grad

  1. Virtual Private Server

    This is a really interesting shot and the contrast of warm tones in the sky and cool tones in the foreground works really well. The textural contrast between the soft, smooth textures in the foreground and the rugged, jagged peaks of the mountains complement this. Florian has filtered the scene well – the 0.9ND Soft Grad blends in with the mountain range and is completely unobtrusive – as graduated filters should be if used correctly.

  2. Virtual Private Server

    The Seven5 System is designed for mirrorless cameras and our Neutral Density Grads for this system have tighter areas of transition than the larger-sized filters of the 1m and SW150 Systems. This results in a comparable effect between a 1m Grad on a full frame camera and a Seven5 Grad on a mirrorless camera with a crop sensor.

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